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Marriage contract

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Marriage contract

The given contract provides possibility of definition of destiny of property of spouses, both in marriage and at divorce.

For today already there is a set of precedents when presence of the marriage contract rescued the parties in family disputes from pitiable succession of events.

Unequal marriages (to an economic sign), marriages of people of business, marriages of people from different social groups and layers, and also from the different cultural zones, all is the favorable environment for possibility of a manipulation a family law in interests of the party with a smaller prosperity.

Drawing up of the marriage contract relieves the parties of excessive suspiciousness in honesty of intention of less provided party.

As quite often marriage contract consists before divorce on purpose to avoid a judicial sharing of property.

According to the civil code:

Marriage contract

The marriage contract the agreement of the persons marrying, or the agreement of spouses defining property rights and duties of spouses in marriage and (or) in case of its cancellation

The conclusion of marriage contract

1. Marriage contract

Marriage contract,

2. Marriage contract

The maintenance of marriage contract

1. the marriage contract of the spouse have the right to change the mode of the joint property established by the law (article 34 of the present code), to establish a mode of the joint, share or separate property on all property of spouses, on its separate kinds or on property of each of spouses.

Marriage contract

Spouses have the right to define in the marriage contract the rights and duties under the mutual maintenance, ways of participation in incomes each other, an execution order each of them of family expenses; to define property which will be transferred each of spouses in case of divorce, and also to include the contract any other positions, concerning property relations of spouses.

2. the rights and the duties provided by the marriage contract, can be limited to certain terms or to be put in dependence on approach or from certain conditions.

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Change and cancellation of marriage contract

1. Marriage contract

Unilateral refusal of execution of the marriage contract is not supposed.

2. on request of one of spouses the marriage contract can be changed or will terminate on a judgement on the bases and is perfectly in order, which are established by the civil code of the russian federation for change and

3. action of the marriage contract stops from the moment of the marriage termination (article 25 of the present code), except for those obligations which are provided for the period after the marriage termination.

A recognition of the marriage contract void

1. Marriage contract

2. the court can nullify also the marriage contract in full or in part on request of one of spouses if treaty provisions put this spouse in the extremely adverse position. the conditions of the marriage contract breaking other requirements of point 3 of article 42 of the present code, are insignificant.

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